Children of Promise


We provide a caring atmosphere where
children acquire confidence, motivation, and the tools necessary to realize their full potential.

Children of Promise - Christian Montessori School

Children of Promise is a warm, Christian Montessori Community located in St. Louis and comprised of students from various ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Our nurturing staff guides the children to reach their potential in our well-prepared Montessori environment. By observing the needs and interests of each child, we develop an individualized and hands-on curriculum in language, math, geography, history, science and cognitive learning.

We teach Biblical principles, expose children to world cultures, offer foreign language instruction and music lessons. Special guests present topics that enrich the curriculum, while our older students take field trips to interesting places such as the St. Louis Symphony, museums and nature centers.

We create independent thinkers who confidently explore the world around, fostering in each child a desire for life-long learning. Our graduates excel and are well-prepared for continuing education.

Be sure to enroll your child by March for the following school year!